The Economist Businesswoman Club launched the 21st Katuka Mentorship Programme on 16 January, with Bank Windhoek as our sponsor for the third consecutive year.

Organiser of the Programme, Desere Lundon-Muller said their objective is to create a platform for personal growth and advancement of leadership skills for participants to enhance their personal and institutional success.

“We aim to empower women to live their dreams, because mentees obtain an insider perspective on navigating their career paths, they get exposure to greater knowledge of career success factors, while mentors play a catalytic role in creating an enabling environment for self empowerment and skills acquisition, which is a nurturing role which requires dedication and commitment,” she added.

Bank Windhoek’s Communication Practitioner of Sponsorships and Events, Suzette January said that they have affinity with this programme particularly because of its goals and objectives and how these support the development, advancement and empowerment of women.

“Mentess, I urge you to make use of every opportunity to learn from your mentors, because they have been through the process and are a valuable source of information and encouragement for you to grow and to the mentors, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for availing your time to work with and help develop the new intake of mentees,” she added.

She said as a bank they look upon their relationship as a journey. “A journey where we learn, grow and contribute in one way or another with the desired outcome of being a connector of positive change, therefore please use this platform to enrich yourselves and make an impact,” she emphasized.

Bibiana Kadira, Founder of Songombe Investment, who was also in the top 6 finalists of the Young Businesswoman of the Year 2019, was a mentee in 2020 and now a mentor, explained that she is doing this to share her experience, knowledge and skills with other women.

“I want to motivate young women, who are struggling to find a path, who are struggling to believe in themselves not to give up,” she added.

The programme empowers and encourages female entrepreneurs and professional businesswomen to achieve success in their career through mentorship by other more experienced business and professional women.