Use the Career Development Opportunity of a Lifetime

The Katuka Mentorship Programme for 2023 started with our first training session on Wednesday 01 February at the Capricorn Corner Building in Windhoek. This was followed by another day of training for the mentors on Thursday and the matching of mentors and mentees on Friday. Forty-six mentors and mentees, selected from 150 applications, took part in the training sessions,

We are now open for applications for 2024

Whether you are looking for something unique to add to your already impressive list of achievements or are in search of wisdom, guidance and insight, you are invited to join us. It is a career-development opportunity as a mentor or as mentee because mentoring is a 2-way street.

As mentor in the programme, you will share your industry knowledge, your wisdom that comes from life experience, your insight that is rarely shared in books, and your motivation that comes from the heart. You will impart the above and more to help shape the mind and vision of a young-and-upcoming leader of tomorrow. As mentor, you will also learn from your mentee and together you will both benefit from this career-development opportunity.

As mentee, you will get the chance to meet industry leaders, develop a wider contact network, add something impressive to your CV, and gain knowledge not to be found in textbooks. You will gain a competitive edge in your industry and learn how to avoid costly pitfalls. The knowledge you will gain cannot be learnt in class and indeed, will take years to learn from life experience. Now you can fast-track your learning and open doors that otherwise might never have opened, simply by becoming a mentee.

Many more are already participating in the programme. Do not miss this career-development opportunity to learn from the best and if you are an industry guru, do not pass on the career-development opportunity to teach, inspire, and guide a mentee.

Desèré Lundon-Muller, Programme Director